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Class tonight went really well–we both finally feel that we’re getting the hang of the different tools we’ve had to use the past 4 weeks. Loran loves it; he’s looking to order a chisel & gouge set to start whittling away during the cold winter evenings.


Before Picture of my 3 pieces~


Loran concentrating SO hard


Shaving away on my spatula~


Finished spatula (!), nearly finished spoon, and 2nd spoon started. Wheee!!



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Cozy weather, cozy work.

It was certainly a baking day. That cloudy feeling when the skies are grey (and threaten rain) just screams “bake!”. But our weekend was over, too, so after two successfully risen & baked loaves we braved the gusty misty day to mulch Kate & Ray’s border in the backyard. Bobby followed us, of course, and so we had to alternate between shoveling mulch and throwing toys to the three dogs. It was great fun, really, and mulching is the sort of work that is hugely enjoyable; you actually see the results afterwards.

Secondly, we had our woodworking class tonight. The before and after pictures, I know, don’t look as if there’s much of a difference. Both Loran and I do, however, feel that we’re finally starting to get the techniques down, and as Tommy (our instructor) told us: “Do not see the spoon as the object of the class, just the byproduct. Understanding the techniques and mastering them is really what this class is about”.

Well said.



After~ Nearly there!


Thirdly–and most importantly–Loran and I confirmed with our next WWOOFing farm!! We are SO excited, we really have a good gut feeling about this place. It’s a tree restoration center with a polytunnel and outbuildings needing some work. The woman who sent us the confirmation email sounded really sweet, very accomodating, and very much like a happy people person.

So our December–& our Christmas–will be spent in beautiful Mid-Wales near the coastline.



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Today was a Monday, so naturally we had a late start. But once we got up and running this morning there was no stopping us–dogs were walked, chickens fed, and the outdoorsy work sorted. Tonight we had our 2nd woodworking class!! Before and after pictures follow below.

Morning walk with the dogs


Part of today’s work – Before


After – Still loads more to go, but we feel accomplished!


Woodworking!! Starting with a single block of Limewood


2 1/2 hours later….



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