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We are halfway through the month. It’s hard to believe that we’ll be leaving in justĀ over 2 weeks. A sobering thought, as we’ve fallen in love with the Hook of Ireland.

Leaving Ireland, and moving on, was on our minds during our morning walk. The foggy daybreak mirrored our cloudy thoughts, but the beauty of the morning dissipated any scrooginess and took us into a highly productive, exhilarating day.




misty layers


Dewey webs~


We accomplished a lot. Finished Kate & Ray’s stawberry bed, worked on more steps in the garden, finished organizing the polytunnel, relocated 5 loganberry bushes and, finally, made a mushroom tart supplemented with wild blewits we foraged before sunset.




Before — Update coming soon…


Before! So disorganized!


After we swooped in & saved the day~


An unbelievably gorgeous mushroom tart.









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Today Loran and I busted away on clearing Kate & Ray’s strawberry bed. Have you ever seen a strawberry bed at the end of the season? It’s a tangled mass of confusion–every single plant has reeeeeeeally long arms just running away from their parents as fast as they can!– sticking roots down every which way, attempting to multiply as quickly as possible.

It makes a mess. And looks a bit like this:


We tackled it anyway. But it took a couple of hours–a couple of thinking hours. And I was thinking about how we are strawberry runners!! Loran and I have been running around Europe (slowly & steadily) for nearly 6 months now. We may not have been multiplying everywhere we go…but every place we’ve set down little roots before shooting off to the next destination and depositing new roots– in the form of a friend we continue to keep in contact with or simply hard work we’ve left behind to nourish and grow into something beautiful and practical.

Our Irish rootbundle will be pretty hefty. And I’m proud of that :)

This is how much I love my job, my life~


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