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We had another field trip day today: the Irish National Heritage Park. Loran and I opted for the free 1 1/2 hour tour around the park and (besides frozen toes) it was well worth the time. Our guide escorted us around to the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic Age, etc. etc. with replicas of thatched houses (nomadic & permanent), burial sites, and even a horizontal water mill.


Replicas of early nomadic structures~



Replica of what is called a “Ring Fort” – Farmers had to protect their livestock from thievery, resorting to a wall and trench!



Settlement meant bigger houses~



This wooden statue was standing in the park’s bogland~ He represented the wooden figurines that would be tossed in as sort of an offering, preserving the objects for use in the next world, next life.


Next week we have a fieldtrip to Kilkenny!! We’re sooo excited–check back!


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