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Our final day at Blaeneinion has snuck up on me; tomorrow will be our last day of work, of breathing the fresh air of Wales, of (hopefully) putting up with not seeing the sun for weeks on end.

Blaeneinion will have kept us for 34 days. It has felt rather cyclical, as our final task will be planting trees; it was also our first. We didn’t get everything accomplished on the ‘December’ list, but at least three BIG projects were tackled: covering the polytunnel, fixing up the sad mess a disgruntled tenant left our host, and helping to design the next planting compartment. Loran and I spent a day getting the measurements for the compartment, walking the length of it multiple times to develop an accurate idea of the area. The next day I was knocked out with an irritating 24-hr cold, but Loran succeeded in transferring our measurements to grid-paper for a to-scale outline of the compartment, complete with sketches of bracken and rocky outcrops.

With the map to scale, Sharon marked out where she wants the paths and the clearings. Armed with hot-pink wool and bamboo stakes, Loran and I hammered the pathways into reality, connecting each stake to its neighbor with wool so as to get an idea of a space. We had a nice, leisurely weekend and spent an hour on Sunday ‘lifting’ oak trees. Sharon has a small tree nursery near the house where she has grown saplings for the past few years. Over the past two days we succeeded in lifting all of the oak, a total of about 180–this meant that today we were able to plant!! It was utterly, despicably miserable: sideways rain (again!) and icicle fingers…but we finished a bundle before lunch. Tomorrow, our final day (!) will be dedicated to busting out as much planting as we can.

Next time you hear from us, it will be from England!

Here’s a photo of one of the beavers:


lovely beaver ~ after munching away on breakfast

lovely beaver ~ after munching away on breakfast



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