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Class tonight went really well–we both finally feel that we’re getting the hang of the different tools we’ve had to use the past 4 weeks. Loran loves it; he’s looking to order a chisel & gouge set to start whittling away during the cold winter evenings.


Before Picture of my 3 pieces~


Loran concentrating SO hard


Shaving away on my spatula~


Finished spatula (!), nearly finished spoon, and 2nd spoon started. Wheee!!



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We had another field trip day today: the Irish National Heritage Park. Loran and I opted for the free 1 1/2 hour tour around the park and (besides frozen toes) it was well worth the time. Our guide escorted us around to the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic Age, etc. etc. with replicas of thatched houses (nomadic & permanent), burial sites, and even a horizontal water mill.


Replicas of early nomadic structures~



Replica of what is called a “Ring Fort” – Farmers had to protect their livestock from thievery, resorting to a wall and trench!



Settlement meant bigger houses~



This wooden statue was standing in the park’s bogland~ He represented the wooden figurines that would be tossed in as sort of an offering, preserving the objects for use in the next world, next life.


Next week we have a fieldtrip to Kilkenny!! We’re sooo excited–check back!


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Irene has what she calls the “WWOOFer’s Walk”–she has each WWOOFer make a cement tile with an image made from tiles, broken ceramics, rocks, etc. She’ll have these tiles be the stepping stones from her backyard patio to the vegetable garden. We started ours today, smashing plates and a vase and organizing the material into piles by color (:



Plates!! Gorgeous Colors~



Having WAY too much fun with this ;)



Nice lil’ piles!



Hopefully next week we’ll have a completed tile to show you! We have a really nice design in mind…we’ll see if we can effectively accomplish it.




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We are halfway through the month. It’s hard to believe that we’ll be leaving in just over 2 weeks. A sobering thought, as we’ve fallen in love with the Hook of Ireland.

Leaving Ireland, and moving on, was on our minds during our morning walk. The foggy daybreak mirrored our cloudy thoughts, but the beauty of the morning dissipated any scrooginess and took us into a highly productive, exhilarating day.




misty layers


Dewey webs~


We accomplished a lot. Finished Kate & Ray’s stawberry bed, worked on more steps in the garden, finished organizing the polytunnel, relocated 5 loganberry bushes and, finally, made a mushroom tart supplemented with wild blewits we foraged before sunset.




Before — Update coming soon…


Before! So disorganized!


After we swooped in & saved the day~


An unbelievably gorgeous mushroom tart.









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Today Loran and I busted away on clearing Kate & Ray’s strawberry bed. Have you ever seen a strawberry bed at the end of the season? It’s a tangled mass of confusion–every single plant has reeeeeeeally long arms just running away from their parents as fast as they can!– sticking roots down every which way, attempting to multiply as quickly as possible.

It makes a mess. And looks a bit like this:


We tackled it anyway. But it took a couple of hours–a couple of thinking hours. And I was thinking about how we are strawberry runners!! Loran and I have been running around Europe (slowly & steadily) for nearly 6 months now. We may not have been multiplying everywhere we go…but every place we’ve set down little roots before shooting off to the next destination and depositing new roots– in the form of a friend we continue to keep in contact with or simply hard work we’ve left behind to nourish and grow into something beautiful and practical.

Our Irish rootbundle will be pretty hefty. And I’m proud of that :)

This is how much I love my job, my life~


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Cozy weather, cozy work.

It was certainly a baking day. That cloudy feeling when the skies are grey (and threaten rain) just screams “bake!”. But our weekend was over, too, so after two successfully risen & baked loaves we braved the gusty misty day to mulch Kate & Ray’s border in the backyard. Bobby followed us, of course, and so we had to alternate between shoveling mulch and throwing toys to the three dogs. It was great fun, really, and mulching is the sort of work that is hugely enjoyable; you actually see the results afterwards.

Secondly, we had our woodworking class tonight. The before and after pictures, I know, don’t look as if there’s much of a difference. Both Loran and I do, however, feel that we’re finally starting to get the techniques down, and as Tommy (our instructor) told us: “Do not see the spoon as the object of the class, just the byproduct. Understanding the techniques and mastering them is really what this class is about”.

Well said.



After~ Nearly there!


Thirdly–and most importantly–Loran and I confirmed with our next WWOOFing farm!! We are SO excited, we really have a good gut feeling about this place. It’s a tree restoration center with a polytunnel and outbuildings needing some work. The woman who sent us the confirmation email sounded really sweet, very accomodating, and very much like a happy people person.

So our December–& our Christmas–will be spent in beautiful Mid-Wales near the coastline.



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Today we were stunned with a dazzling sunshiney day. Absolutely beautiful, and especially perfect for our fieldtrip to Ballycross Apple Farm. The farm was about a half hour’s drive away, in Bridgetown.

The farm has currants in addition to their acres beyond acres of apple trees, and really lovely trails that guests pay a minimal fee in order to wander through. After we checked out the “petting zoo”, we spent a decent hour and a half trekking around the forest and fields and finished up in the farm’s craft shop upstairs.




aww, lovebirds!


Beautiful Apple Orchard


Bracket Mushrooms


Ballycross Apple Farm


Staring contest~


I can’t honestly say that Ballycross would ever become a regular outing if I happened to live in the area, but it was really lovely to see families getting excited over the ponies, bunnies, & pigs and trying to find the biggest apple in the box. Not a “must see”, but a nice activity for a cozy day out.

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